Jeferson David Ossa

Jeferson David Ossa (@unyagami)

Soy desarrollador de software, especializado en la construcción de sistemas distribuídos en tecnologías basadas en la JVM. Fomento la integración del paradigma funcional en la construcción de componentes de software, particularmente utilizando Scala como lenguaje.


During the last 5 years, I've participated in different enterprise software projects based on Scala ecosystem. All of them were greenfield projects which allowed us to try different architectural and design approaches to deliver the products being built. This is a experience report.


I'll present our in-house reference architecture that we use to guide our developers in how a service should look like, solving common requirements such as error handling, graceful shutdown, multiple ports and adapters, authentication and authorization; all of this using DDD, CQRS and functional patterns to improve stability and testability.